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Introducing Vedic Beauty exceptional herbal product, designed to elevate your skincare routine with effective exfoliation. Enriched with natural ingredients, it gently removes dead skin cells, revealing a radiant complexion. Say goodbye to dullness and embrace the revitalizing power of exfoliation. Experience the magic of our herbal remedy and achieve a smoother, glowing skin effortlessly.

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    Hair Care

    Neem Camphor Oil 100 ml

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    1. Massage neem oil to your kids leg and hand whenever they go out. It protects them from mosquito bites.

    2. Use it as a daily massage oil for your kids( Above 1 years).

    3. Apply it on stretch marks daily. It lightens up the stretch marks if applied daily after bath and before sleep.

    4. Good for vaginal itching.

    5. Good for hair massage if you have extreme dandruff and itching.

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    Herb Supplies

    Moringo Powder 100 gm

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    Herb Supplies

    Triphala Powder 100 gm

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  • Hair Care

    Curry leaf powder (kai patta) 50gm

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