Kumkumadi gel crème


Benefits of Kumkumadifairness brightening face cream 

No stickiness any more 


Here are some benefits 


Improves complexion: Saffron is a herb fabled for its skin-lightening properties. With the incredible amount of antioxidants, as well as the anti-bacterial properties this herb possesses, when regularly applied as you get an improved complexion. Blood circulation increases and rejuvenates your skin cells from the inside out. 

Treats spots and pigmentation: Due to it being a potent antioxidant with a host of anti-inflammatory properties, Kumkum cream breaks the chain of the chemical processes that occur during the skin pigmentation process. By supplying the skin with antioxidants and reducing the appearance of inflammation, it can help the skin heal its spots and hyperpigmentation faster. 

Prevents breakouts: Being naturally anti-bacterial, Kumkum cream prevents the skin from getting clogged with dirt and bacteria which can typically result in breakouts. Over time, by preventing potential breakouts, this cream s promotes cleark Skin.


Ingredients- 32herbs extract , hyaluronic acid , aloevear, xantham , betein hydro, saffron extract

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