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  • Sale! hair color 30gm (15g + 15g)
    Hair Care

    Hair Color 20gm

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  • Sale! herbal shampoo 100gm
    Hair Care

    Herbal Shampoo 200gm

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    Home made herbal shampoo

  • Sale! herbal hair oil for long and thick hair
    Hair Care

    Herbal Hair Oil for Long and Thick Hair

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    “Stops Hair Loss,Makes the Hair Stronger and Boosts Hair Growth”.

    Can’t seem to get your hair to cooperate? Meet your new favorite hair oil—the Vedic Beauty Herbal Hair Oil. This natural and homemade oil is perfect for all types of hair. It’s formulated to control hair fall and dandruff while also boosting hair growth. Plus, it’s super lightweight so it won’t weigh your hair down. Give your hair the nourishment it deserves with the Vedic Beauty Herbal Hair Oil for Long and Thick Hair.

    Bring the life back to your hair with Vedic Beauty’s HERBAL hair oil. This natural, homemade oil is perfect for all types of hair. It helps control hair fall and dandruff while boosting hair growth. HERBAL is an essential part of your daily hair care routine.Massage a few drops into your scalp and roots, and watch your hair transform!

    Product details

    Product Benefits –  Nourishing
    Hair Type –  All
    Item Form –  Oil
    Brand –  Vedic Beauty
    Number of Items –  1
    Net Quantity –  100.0 millilitre

  • wooden comb
    Hair Care

    Wooden Comb

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    Oil Soaked Wooden Comb

  • Sale! herbal heena 300gm
    Hair Care

    Herbal Heena 300gm

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    Containing various rare herbs like methi, curry leafs, neem, bhringraj, shikakai and hibiscus, this home made herbal heena is highly effective in getting healthy and shiny hairs.

  • Sale! hair mask 150gm
    Hair Care

    Hair Mask 150gm

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    Carefully made through complex mixture of Curry Leaves, Hibicus, Neem, Amla, Reetha and many other herbs, this homemade herbal hair mask can be used whenever you want Spa like treatment for your hairs.

    It prevents hairfall just after 2 use, makes hair smooth and shiny like hair spa,cleans scalp and removes dandruff completely


    Add curd , mustard oil to it in a small amount to make it a smooth paste. Leave it for atleast 2 to 3 hour or even for whole night so that methi soaked well. Add some more curd if mask become thick. Apply this paste onto hair and leave it for 2 to 3 hr. Wash hair with regular shampoo.

    The results will be visible just after 2 uses.

    Ingredients: Dried curry leaves, hibicus flowers and leaves, bhringraj , methi powder etc.

  • Sale! neem camphor oil
    Hair Care

    Neem Camphor Oil

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    1. Massage neem oil to your kids leg and hand whenever they go out. It protects them from mosquito bites.

    2. Use it as a daily massage oil for your kids( Above 1 years).

    3. Apply it on stretch marks daily. It lightens up the stretch marks if applied daily after bath and before sleep.

    4. Good for vaginal itching.

    5. Good for hair massage if you have extreme dandruff and itching.

  • Sale! badammethioil
    Essential Oils

    Badam-Methi Oil

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    Unique combination of Badam & Methi mixed in pure coconut Oil. This badam-methi (almond & fenugreek) oil have manfold proven benefits for hairs and body.

  • Hair Care

    Bhringraj Powder 100 gm

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  • Hair Care

    Shikakai Powder 100 gm

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  • Hair Care

    Amla Powder 100 gm

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  • Sale! Placeholder
    Hair Care

    Hair Serum

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    Hair Care

    Vedic beauty Conditioner 80gm

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    Introducing Vedic Beauty’s Frizz-Fighting Miracle: The Silky Smooth Conditioner

    Frizzy hair got you down? Say hello to your new mane tamer – Vedic Beauty’s Silky Smooth Conditioner! This powerful formula, enriched with the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda, is a game-changer for dry, damaged, and frizzy hairBenefits of Vedic Beauty’s Silky Smooth Conditioner:


    Tames Frizz: Rosemary essential oil, known for its scalp-stimulating properties, helps control frizz and flyaways, leaving your hair smooth and manageable.

    Repairs Damage: Almond oil and argan oil, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, deeply nourish and repair damaged hair, restoring its natural shine and elasticiSoothes and Conditions: Lavender essential oil, with its calming properties, soothes the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.

    Get ready for:


    Silky, frizz-free hair

    Deep hydration and nourishment

    Improved manageability and shine

    A touch of calming aromatherapy with every use

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    Hair Care

    Complete hair care combo

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  • Sale!
    Hair Care

    Brahmi Powder 50gm

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  • Hair Care

    Curry leaf powder (kai patta) 50gm

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