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    Mouth watering Ber pickle(180gm)

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    My beer pickles are a unique blend of nostalgia and health consciousness. I use organic ber locally sourced spices, and a touch of natural sweetener to create a flavorful and gut-friendly treatFrom Pickling with Grandma to Nourishing My Vedic Community


    Little did I know, this beloved recipe would one day blossom into a way to share my passion for well-being with my Vedic beauty clients


    Ber fruit is known to prevent cancer. It is full of anti-oxidant


    It boost our immune system, keep our teeth,bones and muscles healthy.


    Ber fruits are also known to contain 18 of the 24 essential amino acids that the body needs. This is probably why it was used in an ancient Indian and Chinese herbal medicine and still continues to be a prominent part of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine

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    Homemade Chawanprash 250gm

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    Experience the richness of homemade Chawanprash, a delightful concoction of health and flavor. Crafted with love and care, our homemade Chawanprash is a testament to the traditional art of Ayurvedic wellness. Made from a blend of handpicked herbs, spices, and natural sweeteners, our recipe ensures a wholesome and authentic taste. Say goodbye to artificial additives as our homemade Chawanprash is free from preservatives, providing you with a pure and nourishing immunity boost. Embrace the goodness of this time-honored elixir that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also supports your overall well-being. Elevate your health journey with our homemade Chawanprash – a jar full of goodness straight from our kitchen to yours.

    Ingredients : Desi ghee , Alma, pippali, saffron,  Cardamom, cinnamon,clove, peppermint,ginger, nutmugs, tripala,tej leaves , desi gul.

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